Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There are times we experience something rare. Something that we wished would never end. Something we thought was magic. I went somewhere in California 2 years ago to search for a job alone. From there I met Jason. Jason is a very kind and a gentleman person that we became friends and very close easily. He helps me all the time from finding a shelter to searching a job. We’re always together and he never leaves me. From that moment, I realized I could not imagine a life without him. It was Christmas when Jason went home in Canada to spend his Christmas with his mom. I was left alone in my apartment where I thought I would celebrate my Christmas alone. It was 11:45 pm when I received a delivery. It was a luxury gift basket from Jason. He really knows chocolate is my favorite with the wine that tastes very good. I became very happy that time because Jason never failed to surprise me. Just as the moment I thought his surprise was over, he then arrived and surprised me again and now, with his presence. He then proposed to me and I accepted him too. We spent Christmas together happily. We’re now very happy with each other and hopefully it would be forever. He is still giving me surprises. Oh, I love his surprises. He is still sending me different luxury gift baskets while he was on work, of course on our special days too like birthdays, anniversaries and even on ordinary days. Oh, I really love this man. He is now proposing me to become his wife and the mother of his kids someday. Of course I’m very excited for that day. I really thought it was magic but it’s not. It’s reality.